Reviews - Writing

'Ayres's script blends colloquial naturalism with linguistic facility...with Glimpse, Ayres certainly fulfils [Noel] Coward's ambition'

British Theatre Guide, 2018


'An interesting tribute to one of  twentieth-century's great dramatists... Jenny Ayres' Glimpse is easily the best.'

The Review Hub, 2018


'beautifully written and sparkle like the brightest star'

The Spy in The Stalls, 2018


'Witty, moving, charming and highly entertaining'

The Upcoming, 2018


'Hugely entertaining... Glimpse by Jenny Ayres is the most rewarding'

Reviewsgate, 2018

Reviews - Acting

'Superb...a wonderful actress'

Catherine Arten, Casting Director, ACA Casting 2014


'Jenny Ayres as Cavale captures the booze and drug fuelled vibe of the early 70's'

Remote Goat on 'Cowboy Mouth', 2009


'in this beguiling ensemble piece, Ayres, Anstey and Bignell fit neatly together, seamlessly combining lyrical text, intriguing visual effects and expressive physical language'

Hairline review on 'Roses and Morphine', 2005


'uniformly excellent cast'

Irish Times on 'Roses and Morphine', 2005


'Jenny Ayres as the manipulative, wide-eyed Kay gives a sparky performance'

Sam Marlowe for The Times on 'Operation Wonderland', 2004


'two performers, Stewart Lodge as Jed and Jenny Ayres as Kay, the Blue Fairy, are brilliant'

Teletext review on 'Operation Wonderland', 2004


'impressive work from performers Stewart Lodge and Jenny Ayres'

Joyce McMillan for The Scotsman on 'Operation Wonderland', 2004


'an undoubtedly arresting, well-performed evening'

Paul Taylor for The Independent on 'Operation Wonderland', 2004


'Jenny Ayres has a lot of fun with her very mobile face playing, among other creations, a wonderfully twitchy March Hare and a lovely lugubrious Gryphon'

Hugh Homan for The Stage on 'Alice in Wonderland', 2004


'Jenny Ayres is memorable as an Egyptian Beauty'

The Church Times on 'Ben Hur', 2002


'Unequivocably and absolutely brilliant'

Whats's On on 'Ben Hur', 2002


'an elite performer'

BBC Comedy, Open Audition, 2001