Performance Notices

Performance Notices

Playscript, Rehearsed Reading - 28.04.22

(Writer/ Director - Norwich Theatre Royal)

Jenny will be having one of her latest short scripts, 'Tomorrow's Milk', performed as part of 'Imperfect Storms: New Work from East Anglia' at the Norwich Theatre Royal.


Model in Stills Photography, (Actress - online, various)

Jenny features on the front cover of the Mangar International catalogue, as well as in their demonstration videos. Still images of Jenny can also be seen as part of the portfolios of professional make-up artist Mel Ayres and photographers Liz Orten and Kristy Gosling: ('Still' collection)

  Lead in short film 'Runners' (Actress - online)

Jenny can be seen in the short Stars Wars fan film, Runners, (Finalist in the Audience's Choice Category):